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(first name pronounce: Dee-na)
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I was born in Cairo, Egypt. The world’s most ancient, lively and beautiful city where history and culture meets modernization. I spent my childhood absorbing real life lesson’s abreast to the one’s taught in school. Following my family’s decision to migrate to Canada. Toronto welcomed us with open arms. Today, I’m proud to call myself a true “Torontonian”. As a York University Double major graduate with honours in Liberal Arts and Professional studies and a high school Ontario scholar, I have devoted my time to getting those that require assistance and necessary support to pass similar hurdles my family had encountered in their journey to immigrate.

So yes, I am a nerd when it comes to studies. I tend to always seek more knowledge. I am soon continuing my studies at Queen’s University for a total different major. My love for the English language started as a toddler where my beloved father Hassan read stories to me. English has always been my mother-tongue/ first language. Dear Father taught me the language even before I started my pre-school. I remember how he used to record my little stories in a handy basic recorder for me to come back to throughout the day while he’s at work. What a great father eh? My backbone! I am super blessed and very lucky to have a beautiful family. My dear mother positively pushed my father to invest in my education. I wouldn’t be here without her.

Throughout my school career, I was responsible enough to rely on myself. I was taught to be independent. It is very significant to be able to be an independent individual with a unique identity. I would love for my students to learn “self-education” techniques that I have been using for as far as I remember. I can gladly say that my ex-students swear by my techniques and skills that I have provided. With our mutual effort and your full dedication, you will be able to acquire the obligatory techniques and skill set to pass this course. Moreover during the course of this program you will also learn english as a second language and you will be able to pass this exam with a lot of confidence. In other words, I am responsible to have you gain unprecedented confidence to carry yourself in a language previously challenging to you. This IELTS program is authentically extracted from official resources and will be taught online. I am passionate enough that I can never leave my students overwhelmed. I have tremendous connection with my students. I consider each and every student a part of my family. I see instructors who are unable to reach properly to their students. I see instructors who have learners with difficulties and language barriers with no clear strategies to teach them; therefore I decided to help. I am here to help.
Be sure that you’re in safe hands with someone that understands.