IELTS Test Preparation Program

This Ielts course is for clients that scored 50% + on the Placement Test.

The course will include the following:

9 Hours of READING


6 Hours of WRITING

3 Hours of LISTENING

3 Hours of SPEAKING

3 Hours Test of each of the 5 criteria’s above.

Program objectives:

1-Provide an overview of the IELTS exam. This includes: Language check; Reading; Listening; Speaking and Test tips.

2- Advise on the suitable module (based on test takers’ purpose).

3- Introduce special test taking strategies that will help you reach your IELTS test goal. Time management; Stress management; the Do and Don’t in speaking and writing.

4- Improve listening, reading, speaking and academic writing skills.

5- Improve self-confidence level and stress-control techniques. The worksheets that will be provided from the instructor are very significant throughout the course.

Student will achieve:

In this Ielts preparation course, intermediate to upper- intermediate students will be able to use the English language to make meaning verbally and in writing. This course will improve students’ level of fluency and proficiency, as well as prepare them for the Ielts test. Students will learn different and significant test-taking strategies to achieve the desired score. Students will be familiar with all parts of the IELTS test.

Second Course Schedule

(3 Hours per Lecture)
Materials Covered
1- Sunday1Reading
1- Wednesday2Reading
2- Sunday3Reading
2- Wednesday4Reading
3- Sunday5Language and Grammar
3- Wednesday6Language and Grammar
4- Sunday7Language and Grammar
4- Wednesday8Language and Grammar
5- Sunday9Writing
5- Wednesday10Writing
6- Sunday11Writing
6- Wednesday12Writing
7- Sunday13Listening
7- Wednesday14Listening
8- Sunday15Listening
8- Wednesday16Speaking
9- Sunday17Speaking
9- Wednesday (9 weeks)18 (54 Hours)TEST